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GBH resalcon for the protection of the environment

This is the earth where we are living. We have to take care of it. We have no more of it and we are about to destroy it. Perhaps it’s a stereotype, but it’s true and it is getting closer to reality day by day.(1)

Air pollution

According to the report of the European Environmental Agency „ since 1990 there has been a significant drop in the emission of the air pollutant materials in Europe, hence the quality of the air in the region became better. However at the same time the concentration of particle material and ozone in the air hasn’t showed significant improvement since 1997 despite of the drop in the emission. Significant part of the European urban population still lives on places where certain air quality rates exceed limit values which were laid down by the EU in order to protect human health. Several countries probably exceed at least one of the four important air pollution limit values which are going to be legally binding by 2010. The reduction of being exposed to the air pollution is still a crucial issue.”(5) That is for Europe, but what about Asia, where the emission of toxic materials is still increasing, or the US, where up to this day the emission of carbon dioxide is beyond the measure?(2)
Asia, Australia and Oceania give one-third of the world’s CO2 emission, North America does further 28%. These two territories give almost 60% of global emission. Although these two areas emit almost the same amount of carbon dioxide a year, they have a different reason for it. Approximately 61% of the world’s population lives in the territory of Asia, Australia and Oceania where the reason for the great CO2 emission is the high number of the population, unlike North America where only 5% of the world’s population live – here the reason is the prominently high energy consumption which appears in several forms. GBH resalcon can provide a partial solution for this problem. Its application can reduce heating by 30 – 90 %, which means the reduction of emission caused by heating as well.


In Europe 500 kg garbage arise per person each year. However, only less than a third of this amount is recycled and now waste production is increasing faster than the economy. (3,4) Compared to the total amount of waste, the rate of polystyrene wrapper is 10 volume %, since in this case not it’s mass but it’s volume is tremendous: 1 ton of it is equal to 30-50 m3!
The polystyrene content of GBH resalcon lagging is gained from grinding the polystyrene wrapper, it doesn’t require any further treatment. Since the EU supports the recycle of garbage widely, firms producing GBH resalcon can have an advantage over the competitors producing lagging material.

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