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The Lasso LTD has bought a highly watertight, fireproof additive invention which lets through the air and insulates the heat as well. This was presented to the Hungarian Patent Office on number P0800273 and was given the fancy name GBH resalcon on the 25th of April 2008, and was registered on the 12th of October 2009. This was presented too to PCT on number PCTIB2009007587 on the 25th of november 2009.

It’s not among our company’s short term plan to produce and distribute the GBH resalcon, despite; we would like to sell the patent and the know-how country by country, this way the GBH resalcon can be produced at significantly lower costs.

This is also very beneficial because the haulage can be spared and each country recycles its own polystyrene garbage and the other basic materials are to be procured on the spot, therefore investors can utilize the environmental support system in their own country.

The GBH resalcon’s physical qualities are highly noticeable such as in the case of light structured houses using it as an expletive walling in the grossness of 40 cm, a passive house can be built in itself. This is confirmed by the results of ÉMI comprehensive assays.